Infinitely Flexible. Stupidly Simple.

Static-site blog engine powered by a Gulpfile.

More time creating, less time worrying.

Stop worrying about scaling, management and performance issues and spend more time creating wonderful content for your readers. Kel is built to be lean, fast and simple from the ground up to help you focus on the important things.

Four commands OR a GUI. You pick.

Kel comes with four easy commands to learn for everything, the rest it deals with by itself using some magic and a little bit of awesomesauce. Don't like commands? A graphical, WYSIWYG interface is available.

BYO Templates and Languages.

Why learn another language? With Kel and its plugins, you can use whatever language you're already comfortable with and let Kel deal with it. Everything from templates to styling languages - its completely up to you.